Production and packaging of primary lubricants and greases under the name "PELCO"

Specialisation in lubricants and greases is a tradition in the family of Mr. D. Livadaros, Chairman and Managing Director of the company. As of 1935, his father participated in the establishment and operation of the first plant for fuel refining and lubricant production in Greece (ELVIN) until 1985. In the same period, all the units for mineral oils' recycling, grease production, lubricant production as well as the restoration of used barrels in Greece were planned and materialised by the same family. Abroad, they participated in the installation of a new refining unit in Haifa- Israel as well as in the installation of a lithium grease production unit in France.

ACHAEAN LUBRICANTS SA produces a comprehensive series of lubricants, already presented in the market under the name PELCO. It is a comprehensive series of new generation products that can cover the lubrication needs of the Car Industry, the Industry and Agriculture as well as numerous specialized implementations. The company can serve its clients' special needs through tailor-made products.

Quality Assurance

ACHAEAN LUBRICANTS SA guarantees its products' high quality in all steps of the production. With a fully equipped quality control lab for the necessary controls according to ASTM, the company assures the quality of raw material and products, while it supports the development of new ones.

All PELCO products are aligned with standards set by established international organisations that control lubricants such as: American Petroleum Institute (API), Association des Constructeurs Europeen d’ Automobiles (ACEA), International Standards Organization (ISO), (JASO), the USA Army and the biggest car producers ((Volkswagen- VW, Mercedes Benz-MB, Ford etc). The synthetic lubricants have been approved and certified by BMW. The company's constant commitment to quality is certified through the military certification appointing it an official provider of Lubricants, Oil Fuels, Greases and Chemical Products to the Greek Military and the NATO as well as through the company's registration to the registries of SEKPY (Association of Greek Defence Material Producers) and the registries of NATO (NAMSA). In addition, the company collaborates with the Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature in Patras with the aim of developing research in the field of lubricants and greases according to ASTM methods.

In addition, the company's mechanical equipment has been designed and operates in accordance with EU directives for the protection of the environment. Hence, we have ensured that all our products and services are in full accordance with the highest international standards.

Dynamic activity

The company trades its products in the Greek market through a network of local representatives. It mainly aims at developing a network of representatives (wholesale) in every Municipality in the country and selling directly to heavy users, such as construction companies, industries and public sector. The company has a strong export orientation and the commercial management's efforts towards this direction have already produced results. It has signed agreements for monthly-based repetitive sales with selected countries in Central and Eastern Europe and England, while it participates in open tenders competing on equal terms with internationally acclaimed companies.

Having selected executives with profound and long experience in the field of lubricants, the company aims at constantly improving all PELCO products and services, ensuring absolute trust and security for its clients. Within this framework, given the experience, knowledge and specialisation it has acquired ACHAEAN LUBRICANTS SA, aims both at satisfying its customers as well as further developing its activities and establishing PELCO products both in the Greek as well as foreign markets.

Within this framework, given the experience, knowledge and specialisation we have acquired we aim both at satisfying our customers as well as further developing ACHAEAN LUBRICANTS SA and establishing PELCO products both in the Greek as well as foreign markets.