Safety and environment

Safety and environment are our primary targets in all our activities. We wish to ensure that our people are safe and that we play an effective and substantial part in the protection of the environment.

Thus, our staff is obliged to follow Hygiene, Safety and Environmental rules anywhere they work. Good performance in the aforementioned sectors as well as high hygiene and safety standards are vital to our success.

In all our activities and undertakings we aim:

At fully complying with all the legal requirements and meet the expectations wherever we operate in the world.

At providing a safe working environment protecting ourselves, our fixed assets and operations from damages, loss or destruction, criminal or hostile activities.

At ensuring that all our employees, contractors and other collaborators are appropriately informed, correctly trained and committed to improve Hygiene, Safety and Environmental procedures. We understand that the safe operation of our businesses is not exclusively based on technologically appropriate equipment, but also on capable people and proactive participation in the sectors of Hygiene, Safety and the Environment as well as on the fact that no activity comes before safety.

At ensuring that the existing procedures operate correctly. Though all employees and contractors are responsible for the observation of Safety procedures, it is the management's responsibility to understand and manage safety-related risks.

At fully participating in the risk recognition and assessment procedures as well as realise internal safety controls and compile reports on unsafe conditions.

At ensuring the public's trust as to the integrity of our activities. We will openly report on our performance and consult external collaborators and bodies to improve our knowledge in safety-related topics.

We expect all our collaborators to understand that they may affect our operation and fame and that they should act following our standards. Finally, we will make sure that our contractors will fully support our commitment to Safety.