Vehicle repair and refinishing services

Vehicle repair, refinishing and car washing facilities are included in the list of hazardous waste producers according to the legislation

During car servicing, repair, painting and washing, a range of hazardous waste is produced and according to the legislation, the owners of such businesses are obliged to manage them accordingly.

Being fully equipped with the necessary licenses and certifications PELCO offers integrated solutions for the management of hazardous waste to the aforementioned professional groups.

The most common hazardous waste produced by car repair, refinishing and washing services are brake fluids, antifreeze fluids, machine oils, polluted clothes and rags, car paint, used oil filters, empty metal packaging etc.

By signing a collaboration agreement with PELCO with a low annual cost, waste producers ensure:


  • Being listed as producers of hazardous waste due to their company's activities.
  • The supply of appropriate and UN certified packages per waste type for the produced waste.
  • Appropriate labelling of the produced waste per kind and classification.
  • The collection of produced waste from the producer's premises and its transfer to PELCO's plants for environmentally sound treatment. The integrated service for the waste management of car repair, refinishing and washing services is accomplished by PELCO's specialised staff. The technical staff and the company-owned vehicles are fully aligned with the ADR regulation for the transfer of dangerous waste, while the scientific staff ensures the issuing of all the necessary documents and certifications according to the legislation, while at the same time it is in a position to provide every possible consulting service and propose solutions for any environmental issue that comes up.