Lubricating oils management waste

According to the Presidential Decree 82/2004, the term lubrication oil waste refers to"all industrial or lubricating oils of mineral, synthetic or mixed base, which were appropriate for their initial use and especially, the used oils of internal combustion motors and gear boxes and lubricating oils of machines, turbines and hydraulic systems including Lubrication Oil Waste deriving from boats and other means of transfer or steady installations"

The use of lubricating oils is basic for both the industry as well as daily life. The more they are used, lubricants slowly lose their properties and consequently are replaced with new ones. The riskiness of the used lubricants and the lubricants to be replaced is mainly due to the high concentration of multi-chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic organic compounds as well as in the high concentration of heavy metals.

The recovery and regeneration of used lubricants is considered as the safest and optimal environmental solution, given that lubrication oil waste causes hazardous gaseous pollutants for the environment, while it is certain that uncontrolled disposal in the past caused contamination to both the ground as well as the ground water.

PELCO has the capacity to collect and recover- revive Lubrication Oil Waste as described in the European Waste Catalogue in its modern premises at Patras Industrial Zone.

The company has adopted the National Collective Alternative Management System for Lubrication Oil Waste as a collector and reviver of lubrication oil waste. We receive and use all types of lubrication oils, being holders of a permit for the collection and transfer of lubrication oil waste throughout the country as well as holders of the decision on the approval of environmental terms for the production of lubricants from regeneration- recovery of lubrication oil waste, fuel residues and other related material (emulsions- absorption oils).

The collection and recovery of Lubrication Oil Waste is realised by the company's specialised staff and the company-owned and certified ADR vehicles, while in parallel, the necessary Lubrication Oil Waste Identification Document is issued according to annex E of PD no. 82/2004 and following the Lubrication Oil Waste Reception and Recovery-Regeneration Certificate is issued according to the approval decision of our environmental terms.

Respecting the environment and having the necessary know-how, personnel and premises for the alternative management and regeneration of the lubrication oil waste PELCO serves a wide range of lubrication oil waste production extending from large industries and public sector bodies to smaller, individual businesses such as recyclers and car repair shops.